About Me - Michelle Lehrman (Owner and Founder of L.C.B.B.)

I am a professional certified in Aviculture and the owner of Loving Care Bird Boarding.  I have been involved with exotic birds since 1999. It all started with a pair of Cockatiels.  I've read every book I could get my hands on, on parrots and what it takes to keep them happy and fulfilled.

I used to work at an exotic bird store for 15 years, this alone gave me tons of hands-on experience with many types of birds/parrots and related situations. I am not an avian veterinarian, but I can give educated advice and experience.  My family and close bird friends team together with me to provide the best possible service you request.

Along with the experience I have obtained over time, is the knowledge that there are many needs in the bird community that are not being met; boarding being one of them! I decided I wanted to open up my home to help meet your and your birds' needs, all while making your experience with your bird more enjoyable! I also provide many other Avian services- please see Home page for more information.

Loving Care Bird Boarding has been successful since 2002. I have provided professional & loving care to hundreds of happy clients, and now have expanded my services to further meet your needs. References are available upon request.

Please contact me and lets figure out how I can help you! (971) 269-6761







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