My personal Parrot Children My personal Parrot Children Homey...Senegal Mommy thinks i am a very well natured boy. I will let just about anyone hold me. I love to say, "Mom". 48521225 Eli....Scarlet I am 30 + yrs. old, I am a bit af a misfit, Mommy rescued me years ago, and my sister Isabella the Blue and Gold, taught me how to be a Macaw. I climb around, eat fruit and nuts, and play with a few toys. I am a happy guy now. 48521226 Dolly I am a sweet and onery yellow fronted amazon. I am quite the talker, and like to sing a little bit too. I am 16 yrs. old. I will greetyou when you come to my home, I love visitors, that is if I am not sitting on eggs. 48521228 Alex ( Alexanderia) I was thought to be a boy when I was little. Dna says I am a girl, and so do the eggs I have laid for mommy. I have a special nest under one of her tables. I am very good to mommy, I cuddle and let her handle me however I want to. I trust her with all my heart. I talk and whistle all kinds of stuff. I am really cute when i hang upside down from my toys. Mommy has to really watch me when I am out, or I may chew up the floor in some hidden corner of the house. I'm 20+ years old. If you hear the phone ring, it might be me. 48521230 Joker I was adopted first ...I am the King.....I am 30+ years old now. I am in love with Dolly the yellow front, but she won't have it. I also have eyes for Alex the grey, but she only lets me kiss her throught hte bars of her cage. Thats progress though. Maybe someday I will have a wife? Until then, I will continue to be a big flirt. 48521231 Guava This is me singing. Me and my brothers and sisters love to sing and dance with mommy. Sometimes I want attention from mommy and sometimes I am just not in the mood. Mom says I am a typical quaker. I can be a real cuddle bug. 48524372 Isabella Michelle is actually my grandma. She calls me her Grand birdie. I live here until my mommy gets a big house for me. But I don't think I want to ever leave. I am very close to Eli, the scarlette Macaw. I am friendly, playful and love to Rock out. 48524374 Misty "I'm in the mood for love". and Twinkle Twink, is my favorite songs. I will probably sing them to you when you come over. I greet all the guests. I will need to talk to you if you have time. 48524376 Lucy I am 20+ years old, a blue crown conure. I am the most recent adoption. My last Mommy got alergic to me. I came to live with auntie Michelle., who is now Mommy.She used to babysit me for many years, so I was comfortable when I came to stay. I have a super cute voice. I am very happy here. 175714474