Birdie Camp Regulars Birdie Camp Regulars Maggie Umbrella cockatoo. She was a bird I rescued and placed with one of my clients. I still see her on a regular basis. She now has the perfect life just for her. We love Maggie bunches. 50319875 Eddy Congo African Grey. She has been coming to me since I fist started boarding, in a little tiny house. Wow. Eddy is very fond of my husband. 50319876 Pepper Caique. He's a newbee, and is just 1 year old. He just started coming to birdie camp with his sister, Cricket, who is in the next picture. A lovey, snuggly thing, and oh so playful. 50319877 Miso Mealy Amazon. Miso started coming about 2 years ago. We get to have him quite often, He's a youngster,very active and playful. His Mommy takes him out flying at the park 2xs a day with his flight harness. This makes Miso a much happier bird.We really get a kick out of him, he's like part of our family. 50319879 Cyrus (on the left) Theodore (right) Blue and Gold Macaws. These two birds belong to 2 different families, but get to hang out together at bird camp. Both have been coming for a very long time, and are very dear to us. Theo sometimes stays for 2 or 3 months at a time, so we are very close. 50319980 50319981 50319982 Pepi I am a cute ,sweet, and affectionate little Black headed Caique. I talk too. I just started coming to birdie camp, and I hope my mom and dad let me go back, it was so fun. 54528982 Molly I am a Goffin Cockatoo. I have been coming to bIrdie camp for many Years. Michelle says I am very well behaved, and cuddley. 54528984 Bozley I am a Lutino Cockatiel. I was raised by Auntie Michelle, and then I was adopted by Mike and Sarah, and became Toby Bird, the Cockatiel's, brother. So I get to come back to see Auntie Michelle very often. 54528985 Toby Bird I am a pied Cockatiel, I come to Birdie camp lots. I even got a brother one time when I went there. His name is Bozley. 54528986 Puffy Military Macaw. The first time I came to Birdie Camp, I got a new friend right away. Auntie Michelle's GrandBird, Isabella, a Blue and Gold Macaw, wanted to play with me. So we hung out and chewed toys on a really big Hanging Orb. I felt right at home right away. My Daddy saw how much I liked the Orb, and bought one for me to have at home. 54528987 Max I am an Congo African Grey. I come to Birdie camp with my brother, Earl. We have been comeing for years now. I love to go to camp. My brother and I get to come out and play together on lots of different toys. 54528988 Earl I am a grey also, I am Max's Big Brother. Auntie Michelle say's she loves us, and I always glad to see us. She makes sure we have a good time, and lotsof goodies to eat. 54528989 Olli Timnah African Grey. My little brother, Snoopy the cockatiel,and I, come to camp several times a year, so Mommy can go on vacation. Michelle makes sure we get all the same stuff mommy gives us at home. I always bring my swing with me to sleep on. I even give Michelle kisses now, I used to only kiss Momma. But I have decided Michelle is okay too. She is happy about that. 54528991 Snoopy Pied Cockatiel. I am a very old cockatiel. I like to cuddly with my toy monkey. I am Ollie's little brother, but I am older then him. I always sit right by him when we go to Michelle's house.Michelle plays the best music. 54528992 Grey Beard. Cong African Grey. I am actually a Girl, but my people didn't know that when they named me, so, oh well. I am awonerful bird, and come to see Michelle alot. She plays really fun music and I dance to it. She says I am a really good dancer. Michelle is good to me, and I now let her pet and kiss me. 54528993 Angel Congo African Grey. I am just a baby. i just started coming with my sisters, they are caiques. I have alot of energy, and I get to come out and play on all kinds of really cool toys. I am well socialized and smart, I am even starting to talk. 54528994 Zach White Belly Caique. I am the sister to Angle, the Grey, and Pepi, the Caique. I am very pretty. We just started coming to Birdie camp, and we had so much fun the first time. We were all very comfortable, and Michelle feels like family already. I think I will call her Auntie Michelle. She is fun to cuddle with. 54528995 Dakota I am very unique, I am a cross between a Jenday and a Nanday Conure. Michelle thinks I am so beautiful. I come to Birdie Camp with my brother Sunny. We get to share a cage and come out to play on all the toys here. 70814050 Sunny I am Dakota's brother. I am a Jenday Conure. We have been coming to Michelle"s for 8 years. We remember when Michelle first started her business, we were one of Her first clients. We always get spoiled at Birdie camp. We love Michelle. 70814051 Dennis the Menace Dennis turned 7 in June 97255021 Delilah Delilah is a year old as of August 97255022